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I just really want to write about cats. Cats are super rad and they are cooler than your mom on a winter’s day. One has to ask though, why do cat people get such a bad rap? I don’t have any compelling arguments to change your preconceived notions about cats,…

In Soviet Russia, Camera Shoots You

I’ve always tried to be a creative person, but I always just end up tagging along with the creative people hoping it will somehow rub off on me. The only praise I ever got on my creative attempts was from my mom. Thanks mom! But that’s ok, I somehow landed…

Nostalgia & Wanderlust

Recently, I was able to bring our ancient medium format film scanner back from the dead, and so I had a little fun scanning some old forgotten negatives. There was one roll of film I dug up that I especially enjoyed seeing again. It was from a road trip I…

Precious Object

I was in a meeting last week, and it was one of those second meetings with a new client that isn’t quite a client yet, but soon will be. Hopefully. This means they’re still in the process of introducing you to people higher up in the food chain that always…

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