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Well that was fun

We made it back from our Redwoods trip. It was super fun. We went on some hikes, sat around campfires, visited a cheese factory, and didn’t talk much about work. I made everyone Corpse Revivers too. It was pretty fun being able to share one of my favorite areas of…

We are going to the redwoods

We are doing something we’ve never tried before. Everyone at EMRL is grabbing their significant others and heading up to the redwoods for a few days as a group to hang out, go hiking, look at giant trees, eat some food, drink some booze, drive thru some trees, check out…

I made an analog mess

Today I got to make a mess at work. Even more messy than my usual mess. A big happy sketchy drawing mess with paint and water colors and a lotta lotta pieces of paper. The only problem is my analog mess always ends up becoming a digital mess that takes…


Sometimes I like to noodle around on instruments while I’m thinking. It used to be a Takamine 12 string acoustic guitar with only 6 strings on it, but last month I let myself be decadent and bought an old Rickenbacker 4001. In my book, those are the best bass guitars…

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